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Crazy Cubes Anita's Playhouse Collection

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Our adorable animals from Anita’s Playhouse have returned to provide you with more playtime fun! Some familiar faces are in this collection, with the original 16 characters, and we have also included our newest friend—Maurice Monkey. Each of these animals is made up of 4” blocks that are designed not for quilting, but to create the sides of a three-dimensional cube. These stitch outs are eye-catching to encourage playtime with fancy textured appliqués, but you’ll only need small pieces, so get ready to pull out that stash of fabric scraps you’ve been saving for a special occasion! We used a little bit of everything, from glitter vinyl to plush minky—think outside the box to make your characters come to life. Our step-by-step tutorial will take you from start to finish, and before you know it you’ll be twisting and turning these Crazy Cubes to create endless critter combinations!
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