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Anita Goodesign Ginger Jars Project Collection

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Applique Patterns
Applique Patterns
Anita Goodesign Ginger Jars Project Collection
The striking blue and white patterns of ginger jars have become staples in the interior design of many modern homes, but these jars actually have their roots in ancient China. The bulbous vessels were used as storage jars for herbs and spices for exporting to the Western world during the Qin Dynasty in 221-207 BCE. Over time, they lost their practical use, became more elaborately embellished and became vessels that exist just for decoration. In our Ginger Jars collection, we emulated the bold blue scrollwork and floral imagery that appear on the 3-dimensional vessels, and surrounded them in filligree and floral sprays as other elements to catch the eye. This collection features 12 designs in 5 sizes each, for you to decorate your home with these cobalt beauties.
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